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Mars-One project : a mission of no return

Four people involved in the project Mars One, launched by a Dutch entrepreneur who intends to establish a colony on the red planet early 2022. A permanent colony non return.


Candidate n°1

Name : Jack Halson

Age : 28

Sex : Male

Wheight : 75kg

Seize : 185cm

From : United-States

Language : English


Hello, my name is Jack Halson, I’m 28 years old and I work as an Aerospace Engineer on tactical aircraft.

I have been interested in space since I was 6 years old saw the movie « Apollo 13″ for the first time.

Since then, I have had a dream about exploring space, and joining the colonization of another planet.

In my life I always wanted to be an inventor and explorer.

I’m also personally motived by the desire to test limits, personal as well as technological.

I’m passionate about technology and science, and I love to combine my work people and groups in order to make things go better.

Inspired by most famous sciences fiction movies, since I was a child I started to write short sciences fiction novels about space journeys, always wishing to be one of my characters.

As an avid traveller I always look for opportunities to travel and live the places.


Candiate n°2

Name :  Yanis Shroudle

Age : 45

Sex : Male

Weight : 75kg

Seize : 181

From : German

Language : English

My name is Yanis, and I’m an ex-astronaut. That’s why I know a lot of thing about Mars (composition, evolution etc…). I am a good athlete too, I run since I was 7 years. I could resist to difficult situation (without eating or sleeping for example). I got notion of mechanical (In fact, my father worked in a garage), it could be useful in case of failure. All this, made me a good survivor

I want to go to Mars because I want, since always, to discover this planet! Where I was young, I were an excellent astronaut, and I worked a lot about the planet MarsCandiate n°2 arrow-10x10. Go to Mars in the reality will be a way for me to see in real all what I’ve studied. I think I will be a good candidate because I’m 45, and I have a good experience compared to others people. Moreover, I was formed to translate, at better, what I see, and what I understand: so I think to be a reliable source of information. Finally, I’m aware of the dangers who expect us but I’m ready for the trip!


Candidate n°3

Name : Dimitri Kolarof

Age : 35

Sex : Male

Weight : 85kg

Size : 185cm

From : Russia

Language : English

Hello, my name is Dimitri, I’m 35 and I’mAmateur thrills. I work for the Russian armed as a spetsnaz commando specializes in IT andTelCommunication. I attended several special operations but not enough for me, I need a newmore powerful experience. The conquest of Mars would be the perfect job to fill my desirefor adventure. I am an orphan since the age of5 years, I feel no attachment for Russia and for the Earth, I feel ready for the big departure .. I participated in two space operations which aimed to installCandidate n°3 arrow-10x10 and satelitesarrow-10x10 to repair the army. Mars is a huge planet and I want to explore andif you allow me I would make my mission!


Interview :


- Mr Kolarof, we describe the progress of your mission?

- The beginning of the mission was difficult because it was necessary to begin to establish a base camp on Mars, we chose a flat area where we need to establish the installation of the shuttle habitat protocol. Then we had some problems when assembling the solar panels but nothing serious. When we started shipments it was a magical moment, the landscape of the red planet is truly exceptional. We have a good group cohesion, I think that’s what helped us stay long on this planet.

- What are the hardest things to live on an unknown planet?

- The hardest mentally is to go on an expedition without knowing where you are going and not knowing what lies ahead. We were very scared of never find the base camp for our return.Moreover, it happened that the irrigation hose is clogged our culture, a big part of the culture was dead and we had to ration food for three months to be able to hold up supplies

.- The mission was planned without return, what did you felt when you received a message from the Earth by saying that a team had to relay on Mars?

- It is true that our desire to explore Mars was larger than our urge to want to return to Earth. But today we were able to do both and I am very happy to be back alive


Candidate n°4


Name : Adrien VIEL

Age : 27

Sex :  Male

Weight : 82 kg

Size : 186 cm

From : France

Language : French, English

I have a spacial engineering diploma, I worked during 3 years with Airbus Space but now I become botanist because it’s my passion. I did a thesis on the existence of life in space, i mean nature by life. Last year, I test two times the zero gravity with Airbus A300G. So I have a little experience with weightlessness.I have great knowledge in mecanics.

I have a great patiente, i know how manage difficult problem, I’ve a lot of composure. I’m someone really open minded, i have any difficulty to create link with other people. I like sharing my knowledge, i could teach some people on Mars…

My hobbies are turn around sport, i do different sport like tennis, running or boxe. I have a B2 level in English.

I love travel, I visit all countries of the Asia, and the majority of the Europeen countries.


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